5 reasons why affiliate programs fail

Top 5 Reasons Why Affiliate Programs Can Fail

  1. First and foremost comes with choosing the wrong program. Due to the (Internet Business Illusion) and online feeding frenzy, many people fall for the wrong programs that become overnight disasters or scams. You should always research the company or products before you sign up, it’s good practice.
  2. Choosing to represent too many programs. Many people jump too quick. If one promised program doesn’t deliver the overnight money sensation, they in turn jump into more and more. Pretty soon, they don’t even know how many affiliate programs they are even involved with. It’s much easier to promote a few, then it is to keep track of 100’s.
  3. Choosing affiliate programs that don’t represent something of interest to your targeted market. When involving yourself in any affiliate program you need to ask yourself if the products or services they are offering will be of solid interest online. Are they a needed problem solving type of product?
  4. Misrepresenting your program or products. If you misrepresent your program or products, it will most likely lead to failure. Don’t promise anything other than what your program and it’s products can do online. Follow the guidelines set forth by the company to which the affiliate program is associated with. Many affiliate companies will give you a clear warning that if you scam people with their program, you will be terminated from representing it and/or charged any fees associated with shutdowns.
  5. Not understanding your products, or having the enthusiasm needed to sell them. Many people involve themselves in affiliate programs, yet never purchase the products they are trying to represent. You should always purchase and test the products, that is the only way you can accurately sell them with true conviction, instead of the many made up lies and misrepresentations.

In finality, I would like to add that having a mentor makes a huge difference to your success online. Many affiliate programs give you the email addresses of your up line team members, use them. Contact them for advice, help, and direction in the programs you are involved with, or some you may be researching.

I had the very fortunate opportunity to work with some wonderfully wise individuals, James Capiobianco, Pat Brady, and Reggie Miller that helped pave some great roads for my online business success. Their continued support has helped me rise above many of my expectations and goals. Learn to be patient, willing to take advice, use your knowledge, and set your goals, and you will succeed!



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