Rustic furniture is furniture which is constructed by use of logs and sticks in their natural form, for example, nailing a plank of wood on top of four cylindrical logs to make a rustic TV unit. From as early as the mid-1800’s, people employed the idea of rustic furniture. This furniture was originally used by the lower class, who used readily available wooden natural materials. From this, they made almost any kind of furniture from twigs and logs wound together using natural thread. Back then they used no paint, furnish or wax, but left the furniture in its original state.

Today, carpenters and designers have incorporated the rustic furniture idea, borrowing their designs influenced by the past, and incorporating different designs. The fact that it makes use of recycled material has made rustic furniture very popular.

Rustic furniture construction

During rustic furniture construction, the main aim is to give it the most natural look. Simplicity is also another characteristic of this kind of furniture.

In making the furniture, there may need to make a curve, example in making an armchair, where the arm can be curved. The carpenter can opt for an easily flexible twig and use it while still green. They can also opt for a hardwood twig, and take it through steaming which makes it flexible, then curve it to the desired shapes. In other cases, twigs are incorporated in their original state, to give the furniture a decorative shape, such as the face or door of a rustic TV unit’s drawers.

In its simplest forms, rustic furniture can be either a treated or minimally treated log of wood cut to a certain size and sold off as a coffee table. It only needs a little waxing or furnishing to have a shiny look.

It is a big misconception that rustic furniture is constructed by those with minimum or no carpentry experience. Some rustic furniture, however, requires deep knowledge in woodwork, and even go as far as looking better than the modern furniture.

Advantages of rustic furniture

–    Eco friendly

Since it’s made from waste wood in its natural form, this makes it an environmentally friendly solution.

–    Cost-effectiveness

Rustic furniture needs no processing, and only minimal construction additives, thus lowering the cost of manufacture.

–    Durability

Wood is one of the most durable furniture material, while still maintaining the same elegant look as when constructed.

–    They have a vintage look

There is a special appeal one gets when they get into a living room and find an oak or mahogany rustic TV unit. This is due to the innocent natural look this kind of furniture carries, giving it a warm and inviting look. When aged wood is used, the dark color and deep lines make patterns all over the furniture piece.

Disadvantages of using Rustic wood

–    A general misconception that rustic furniture is made by non-professionals

–    Most people believe rustic furniture is not as comfortable as the modern furniture

The advantages of using rustic furniture outweigh the disadvantages, making it one of the most natural and environmentally friendly furniture form.